it must be said i want to see you

Cïaran Hilton | 21 November 2018

A poem from our first print edition, The Medusa is pleased to present Cïaran Hilton’s it must be said i want to see you.

it must be said i want to see you

smoking a cigarette and talking about nothing

about what you did and who you saw

and sometimes smiling and sometimes


but looking lovely like

flowers on a sill

it should be said i want you always

on grey winters when my

face is stained by wind or rain

or tears

and the sky is black with smoke

from dirty factories and distant

shapes of men in overalls

lead like ants over the horizon

and i am missing you

and i think of you a lot

in stark hours marked by the

ticking tock of ancient clocks

and the world seems so heavy in

those moments

but distance will not be

the death of us

and it must be said

i have been missing you all my life

and i wait for you still.


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