Two Poems - Jamie Gartley

Jamie Gartley | 17 July 2018





There is a cruel underpinning to lust in the moonlight.

A curious and firm feeling that blobs its way into your consciousness.

It stirs and waits until the early morning light beams its aura,

and you feel the gnash of a vicious bite.

‘I am not here, I am not yours’,

said with a sort of pubescent disaffection.

It laughs, and I sleep.




Side One, Track One


Five years flash by in an instant.

There is more to be forgotten than remembered.

Though it seems forgotten far too quickly.

A familiarity in warmth is to be desired;

no matter how often, no matter how long.

I want you, you want someone else.

There’s the difference.

When love’s flame flickered, and we began to falter,

you put out the light. Now I put out the light.



Jamie Gartley

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