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The Medusa Review is not a student paper, but this was not always so.


The Medusa Review was founded in November 2017 by a group of humanities students at The University of Glasgow in Scotland. Prominent in the student press at that University, this lot concluded that there was not so much a niche to be filled as a veritable honeycomb of niches left wide open by the other papers on campus. There was much we could provide that others didn’t: a decent creative writing section, for example, or the kind of cross press criticism that ensures bad articles (and there was plenty of those) do not go by unchecked. The lack of a satirical humour section, in particular, was egregious - a uni without a laugh rag is a bad joke.


Opportunity beckoned, the project was punted around, articles and gags were gathered; and a talented draftsman drew Medusa herself, incorporating the faintly amused aristocratic gaze of John Singer Sergeant’s The Lady Agnew of Lochnaw, very much how we looked upon a hideously biased, ideological yet oddly limp student press. A manifesto was even drafted and herein we asserted that an “inverse Yeatsian adage applies” – at Glasgow, it was the worst, not the best, who lacked all conviction. We chose Medusa, perhaps, because we rather fancied that our way of looking at things was deadly.


An editorial team of some ten or so members finally published the first issue of The Medusa Review in late February 2018. Since then, the paper has been available on the campus of Glasgow University and across the neat little West End that it occupies – if you find yourself anywhere from Charing Cross to the arse-end of Partick, you can pick up a free copy.


But importantly, this website is the fruit of our dissatisfaction with that enclosed environment, and represents our decision to, in a sense, get out. Student journalism should become real journalism sooner rather than later, the two bear surprisingly little resemblance.


These days we say we are based at Glasgow, but we write on everything and accept writers from everywhere. We’re based at Glasgow (for the time being) but we prefer to look outwards. Thank you for visiting.

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